About Your Instructor
Voncille V. Burdette, CPE, CI - International Lecturer and Speaker
"In 1983 I started the first school in Georgia and the Southeast approved by the Board of Education in Atlanta, GA – Atlanta School of Electrolysis. My passion for electrolysis and the highest standards of electro logy education has continued to grow after 30+ years of service. I’ve taught many extremely successful students during these years, all of whom never regretted their decision to beome an electrologist.I’ve enjoyed seeing their success and ability to financially provide for themselves and sometimes their families. Many became leaders in the profession, educators contributing their expertise to our profession. I’ve rejoiced when they retire after a very successful career. No one ever told me they regretted their decision. They all say, “I love what I do.”

After years of running a full-time school and electrolysis business, I decided to change the requirements so that I could offer private internship teaching. It’s very difficult in today’s world and economy to be a full time student. This way I’m able to be flexible with most of their schedules. Being flexible allows them the opportunity to pursue a career in electrolysis that they otherwise may not have had. It also enables them to take baby steps comfortably after they graduate, because they weren’t in a financial loss by losing time off work if they were employed.

Breaks are nice too and I can do the two things I love most, teach and serve my clients. It’s been amazingly blessed and successful. It will be for you too! This could be your passion and purpose! Call me to schedule an interview."


Voncille V. Burdette, CPE, CI
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When it comes to selecting your electrology training, you want to be sure you make the right choice. Whether you've already scouted a few electrology schools, or haven't yet considered your options, we’d like to stress that it is important to research and gain insights on what to expect along the way. Some of the best advice we've found for how to make the best decision is to just ask questions. Here's some advice for trying to find the electrology school/educator that works for you.

Things to Research + Expect from a Professional Educator:
  • Be sure educator is a licensed, certified, accredited, experienced, reputable, ethical, established school or private instructor
  • Research credentials, facts, testimonials
  • Research and compare other schools and qualified educators
  • Be sure educator offers a complete, full content course of electrology education meeting all requirements
  • No less than 600 hours of technical (300), and theoretical (300) hours of instruction, which includes learning all modalities (thermolysis, galvanic, and the blend technique)
  • Educator should offer an acceptable and recognized certificate of completion
  • Educator should prepare you to take and pass the American Electrology national
  • certification CPE exam
  • Look for educational institutions and private electrology educators who uphold the AEA's CODE OF ETHICS, STANDARDS OF PRACTICE AND PROCEDURES

  • Things to Avoid:
  • Side chair training by unqualified electrologists (these type of electrologists, who are not experienced, reputable educators, teach their clients or others incorrectly, which is devastating to our profession and clients)
  • Schools and instructors/educators who do not meet the above requirements
  • Swap offs, or too good to be true deals (Training for free in order to get you to work in their business, or cutting tuition in lieu of required hours of instruction)

  • Thank you for considering applying to Atlanta School of Electrolysis (ASE)! If you decide to apply and your application is successful, you’ll be joining one of Atlanta’s leading advanced professional electrolysis training programs. We hope you decide to join us!